Program Details

An easy to follow program with great results, without the harsh cleanse or diet routine!

Our program is a 21 day program. We first started Detox-ing in the Spring of 2009, and now offer a group program twice per year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

Each session, we have veterans who participate each season, and newbies alike, all gaining significant insight and benefits with this seasonal cleanse!

The Program - Spring 2017

Program Start date: Wednesday 4/19, 6:30-7:45
Detox Start Date - Sunday 4/23
Finish date - Saturday 5/13 (before Mother's Day)

  • Individual-  $339
  • Family rate- $50 off for each additional family member ($339 for the first person, $289 for each additional)
Goal: To refresh & rejuvenate your digestive system and reduce toxicity!

Program Schedule: 
Dates and times Details
Wednesday 4/19, 6:30-7:45 Workshop #1
How to Pre-tox and the basic principles of healthy detoxing.
Program overview: Day #1 – Day #21 plus Pre-tox.
Shake demo and food samples – Hands on Instruction.
Meet the practitioners and other participants (your support team).
Monday 4/17- Saturday 4/22
Get Ready to Detox!
Optional: Individual pre session. Please advise us if you have a specific health concern so we may make suggestions and/or adjustments to your program. We are happy to meet with you individually to discuss
Sunday 4/23
Start Detox-ing!
Wednesday 4/26, 6:30-7:45 Workshop #2
Super Market Sweep at Common Market. Interactive support – grocery store walk through and find items that are Detox friendly.
Prepare for week 2. New recipes
Wednesday 5/3, 6:30-7:45 Workshop #3 No Soup for You! 
Detox friendly soup meeting. Eat Together! Interactive support. Prepare for week 3. New recipes.
Monday 5/8 - Saturday
Optional: Individual 30 minute Post-tox follow-up session with Detox Coach, to be scheduled during this time (ideally before the end of the program). The re-introduction phase. How to re-introduce foods and noticing your body's reactions. Maintaining healthy nutrition post-Detox.
Saturday 5/14 Finish Detox!

What else does the program include?:
  Detox Kit: 2 canisters UltraClear Renew, 1 bottle of Advaclear Detox support supplement, program guide, shaker cup for "smoothies" on-the-go. (value $200)
  Free Detox samples.
  Unlimited online support and education.
  10% discount on all retail items for 4 weeks
  15% off all additional services during your detox including:
Acupuncture - to enhance detoxification, metabolism and stress reduction
Massage - to enhance stress reduction and relaxation
(NON discounted rate = $90 per one hour session)

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