Kristina O'Boyle

Front Desk Associate

Kristina moved to Frederick, MD in 2004 and quickly embraced the yoga community where she volunteered, practiced, and received her certification as a yoga teacher.  She holds a 500hr ERYT certificate from the Kripalu school of Yoga and serves as a continuing education provider for yoga teachers. In addition to the yoga community, Kristina worked at HHA back in 2008! It was that positive experience over 14 years ago that brought her back to the HHA family in 2023. She is delighted to offer her administrative intelligence to support the mission of HHA while continuing her own holistic journey.

Kristina and her husband have a 6-acre farm in Boonsboro where they raise chickens, bees, a teenager, and various fruits and vegetables. Growing up in NY, Kristina’s family often vacationed in Lancaster, PA where the Amish piqued her interest in farming. In addition to her own gardens, Kristina serves as a greenhouse assistant at Mount Vernon, VA several times throughout the year. “I know of no pursuit in which more real and important service can be rendered to any Country, than by improving its agriculture” ~George Washington to the Marquis de Lafayette, June 19, 1788.