Introducing Holistic Health Associates of Boonsboro  Two Locations, One Goal

To help more people Reclaim the Best Versions of Their Health

HHA is excited to join the Boonsboro community as Boonsboro Wellness Center transitions into 

Holistic Health Associates of Boonsboro

Most people are looking for a solution to improve their health.   We tailor a care plan, including acupuncture, massage and nutrition to enhance your bodies ability to heal naturally, so that your health never limits your life.  

Why Boonsboro

For Jeff, it was the quaint small English-Style town rich with history and a community open and already accustomed to herbal and holistic medicine.  For Ryan, considering Frederick began as a far-fetched thought until he fell in love with the town when driving down Market Street.  Entering Boonsboro left him with the same euphoric feeling, posing the question "Why not Boonsboro?"

With a goal to help as many people as possible, Ryan Diener, owner and co-founder, opened HHA on June 10, 2005. Since then, we have seen close to 25,000 patients and helped them on their journey to reclaiming their health.  Ryan always hoped to expand the business and in turn expand our reach, and when the opportunity to join the Boonsboro community presented itself, he knew we couldn't pass this up.    This is how Holistic Health Associates of Boonsboro, formerly Boonsboro Wellness Center, was born.  

Here’s What You’ll Get With Holistic Health Associates

A hybrid approach to care!


Many people ask us how to find a good practitioner.  The practitioners in our Frederick location come with over 75 years of combined experience.  This means you are receiving top quality care with practitioners that have knowledge in a myriad of conditions and health concerns.  With the inclusion of BWC's practitioners, our knowledge base continues to grow, offering more solutions to our patients.  

Holistic Health Associates practitioners are experts in varying sub-specialties allowing for our practice to work together to provide our patients the best care possible and tailor a care plan that is specific to you!

collaborative approach

Which treatment is best for you?  We believe a care plan is not a "one-size-fits-all" approach.  Holistic Health Associates will collaborate internally and externally (with other modalities including but not limited to chiropractic care and your general practitioner) to insure we are providing you the best care possible.  

In addition to Acupuncture and Massage, we offer Reiki, Nutrition/Detox, Tai Chi and Supplementation internally. Your practitioner will suggest additional wellness options to enhance your treatment plan and speed of results.  


Most people are unclear if we are a medical facility or a spa.  Our patients have referred to our office as relaxing and soothing.  Everything from the tables, linens, colors, lighting and music offer you "spa like" feel while we provide a medical treatment. Our services initiate healing while relaxing the mind and body amplifying the results you are looking for.

This hybrid approach to care is important to the success of your treatment!  

Happy customers


Frederick, MD

Kindness, Understanding, Knowledge

From the moment you enter HHA you feel soothed and cared for.  Even the voices of the people at the desk are kind and positive.  Most of my experience has been with Ryan Diener and acupuncture.  There are not enough words to express his kindness, understanding, as well as excellent knowledge of his medicine.


Frederick, MD


I returned based on the great work done by Erica on two visits over a year ago.  Kara was my therapist most recently and again, I have only the best impressions of your organization.  Am looking forward to my next appointment which I have already scheduled.  Great job everyone!


Frederick, MD

Calming Atmosphere, Easy to Make Appointments

Great place!  Easy to make an appointment, great attention to detail which includes cleanliness, great therapists, and calming atmosphere which includes audio-therapy.

What Makes us different?

Our Patient Care Philosophy!

Our patients are at the forefront of everything we do.  All of our staff are here because they want to help others and make a difference in patient lives.  At Holistic Health Associates, much like it is at Boonsboro Wellness Center, we join with our patients on their journey to health.  The connections and relationships we build in this process develop organically as we work together towards an individualized solution.  Most people want to be happy and healthy but the plan to get there is not always clear.  We work together on that plan so that your health never limits your life.



Our practitioners are Board Certified and licensed to practice in Maryland.  They have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible care during your treatments.  Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists both pursue continuing education to expand their knowledge and more effectively care for their clients!    To learn more about each of our individual practitioners - Meet the Team

How many appointments will i need? 

The number of appointments you will need is dependent on the outcome you are looking for and how quickly your body responds to care.  Your practitioner will tailor your treatment plan based on your current health goals.   The first phase of care will set the foundation for lasting results and will consist of more frequent appointments.  This will give you a strong foundation to start seeing results quickly and allow your practitioner to gauge how your body is responding and make adjustments as needed. Talk to your practitioner every step of the way so they can best guide your treatments and give you the best care possible.

What type of massage do you offer?  how do i pick one? 

If you are looking for a specific modality, let us know! We are happy to match you with one of our massage therapists. In general, your massage therapist is experienced with a variety of modalities and will individualize your massage treatment to best work on your current health needs and health goals.

Is it "cheating" to see more than one practitioner?  how will they know what i need? 

Your practitioner recommends that you follow your treatment plan in order to make the best progress towards your health goals. Our practitioners work effectively as a team and take careful notes to outline your treatments so that you can feel confident booking with any of our practitioners.

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A Personal Note

I am honored and privileged to be tasked with carrying on the tradition of great care offered by Jeff and the team at the Boonsboro Wellness Center over the past 20+ years.  I look forward to meeting you and helping to continue your relationship to a healthy, happy, quality of life!