Qigong Meridian Therapy (QMT)

Qigong Meridian Therapy (QMT) is an ancient Chinese healing art that balances your energy, releases physical and emotional stress and pain, promotes self-healing, and fosters deep relaxation through specialized hands-on restorative massage along your meridians (energy pathways) and specific acupuncture points.

Preparation is simple. You remain clothed for your session. Wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. Soft, loose clothing is suggested when possible. Eat lightly leading up to your appointment, and please be prepared to turn your cell phone off.

During your session, you will lie comfortably supported facedown on a massage table. No oil, cream, or scents are used. Specialized hands-on attention is given to meridians and acupuncture points along your neck, shoulders, back, legs, and feet. Depending on your purpose for experiencing QMT and the session length, attention may also be given to your arms and hands.


The benefits of QMT continue even after the session ends. 

  • You may notice shifts in body, mind, and Spirit over the next few days. 
  • Immediately following your treatment, do as little as possible for as long as possible. 
  • Rest and relax.
  • For the following 24 to 48 hours, support yourself and increase your benefit by avoiding cold food and drinks, reducing screen time, and going to sleep by 11:00.


QMT is wonderful for adults and teens that want the benefits of acupuncture and massage together.  QMT can foster deep relaxation and profound healing and encourage wellness on every level.

*Please note, we do not perform QMT on pregnant patients. If you are pregnant we will need to reschedule your QMT appointment but will happily set you up with an acupuncture or massage appointment!