Winter Cold & Flu Bundle




Prepare for Cold & Flu season by enhancing your bodies immune system with these immune system boosting supplements.

Boost Your Immune System

  • Jade Windscreen: Respiratory Immune Booster, Top immune formula in Asia. Valuable preventative in Spring & Fall for respiratory enhancement. 3 capsules, 2x/day
  • Immucore: High potency immune boosting formula. Valuable as a preventative during the fall & winter seasonal transitions. Use for cold & flu prevention & treatment, liver detoxification, fall allergies

Keep on Hand for Cold & Flu Symptoms

  • Cold Away: Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial, Neutralizes cold/flu at an early stage. Have on hand for travel and to take at the onset of cold symptoms. 2 caps, 4 – 5x/day

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Weight 20 oz


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