Our Mission Inspire, Educate, Care


To elevate the health of our community through inspiration, education and collaborative care; one personal relationship at a time

October 2014: 
I wanted to share with you an important event that team HHA recently completed. We took the opportunity to re-establish our mission statement over a half day brain storming session in which the entire staff was invited to participate.

A mission statement is an important, directing factor for any business and we strive to live and breathe by ours, so every few years I like to revisit our mission and make sure it is as relevant and in-line with our actions as possible. The mission of an organization is focused on the people it serves, so sharing it with all of you felt like the right step to take! We think about you in everything we do.

After a lot of deliberation, focus and care from our staff, I wanted to share with all of you our refined Mission. We very much hope you like it as much as we do and thank you for trusting us with your care as always!

~ Ryan Diener, LAc, Dipl.CH

Holistic Health Associates strives to be an example and hold a vision of wellness for our patients: caring for, inspiring, and educating all aspects of their lives as they relate to wholeness and health.

Our goal is to simultaneously hold a space for those in need of healing while encouraging them to grow and develop so they can take educated and effective action to lead healthy, productive, enriched lives, realizing their potential to affect life in a positive way.


We don't want to sound cliche, but we haven't found a simpler way to put it. 

We want to make a difference.

How do we define that: To have a significant, measurable impact on the health of our community, and bring holistic health into the healthcare debate as relevant and necessary.