Your Visit: Boonsboro

Who We Are & How We Got Here

Our general office Hours

Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 3pm
Sunday: Closed

what to expect

From the moment you arrive, you'll feel at ease.  Enjoy the nurturing surroundings, take in the calming music, and feel at peace.  Our lobby is your sanctuary.  Our goal is for you to feel better the minute you walk in!

If it's your first visit, you will be asked to finish up any forms that you were not able to complete in advance.  If you are here for acupuncture, please be prepared to provide your insurance card for scanning.  If you have not yet inquired about possible insurance coverage for acupuncture, our insurance coordinator will be happy to verify your coverage before your next visit.  Feel free to use our restroom or have a seat on one of the couches in our lobby and settle in and relax before your appointment.

If you have been here before, feel free to ask questions about supplements, our upcoming Detox program, or even other treatments (Acupuncture, Massage)  We look forward to providing you with everything you need to improve the quality of your life and make the most out of each and every day.

what to expect: acupuncture

Acupuncture appointments are scheduled for one hour, with the exception of the initial appointment/evaluation, which is 90 minutes.  Actual treatment time may vary depending on your condition and how long the needles need to remain placed in order to be effective.  We suggest that you wear loose clothing, limit perfume and makeup, and have a light snack prior to treatment.  During the initial session, your acupuncturist will observe your pulse and tongue (traditional diagnostic techniques), take a thorough and comprehensive health history, and learn more about your primary concerns.  

During Your Treatment: The Needles

Acupuncture needles are nothing like hypodermic needles. Hypodermic needles are stiff, thick and hollow because they are designed to pull blood out or force liquid into the body. Acupuncture needles, however, are fine, thin and flexible, often no thicker than a human hair.  Most acupuncture patients are surprised when the needles cause little, or no sensation and their treatments are quite relaxing.  Some patients even fall asleep during their acupuncture sessions!

After Your Treatment

After your initial session, your practitioner will recommend a treatment plan to let you know how often to schedule your follow-up appointment(s).  This plan will guide you to obtain your desired result.  Acupuncture works best when the treatment plan is followed as closely as possible.  Stop by the front desk to complete your payment, schedule your next appointments, and tell us about your experience.  We value your feedback!

what to expect: Massage

Holistic Health Associates offers 60 or 90-minute sessions!  For initial appointments, we recommend a 60 minute session.

During the initial session, your massage therapist will review your health history and learn more about your primary concerns and goals.

For example:

  • Where does it hurt?
  • Have you experienced massage therapy before?  What type?
  • Do you want to concentrate in just one area, or experience a full body massage?

Your practitioner will then determine the best modality (type of massage) for your session based on this information and your desired outcome.  

During Your Treatment

Your massage therapist will let you know whether to lay on the table "face up" or "face down".  Prepare for your massage and begin to relax.  Let your mind begin to release the tensions of your day, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.  If an area is more sensitive than you realized, let your practitioner know.  If you prefer even deeper work, let the practitioner know that too.  We enjoy getting to know you preferences and unique needs.  

Although therapeutic massage is not your "typical day at the spa", we hope it's just as relaxing!  Our goal is to make a positive change in your life, whether it's decreased pain or discomfort, increased range of motion, or simply to ease some of your stress and anxiety.

After Your Treatment

After your treatment, your practitioner will recommend a treatment plan and let you know how often you schedule your appointment(s) to obtain the desired results.  Stop by the front desk to complete your payment, set up your next appointments, and tell us about your experience; we value your feedback!  

how to get here:

There is no charge for street parking.   However, on the mornings of the third Monday of the odd months (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov) the Town of Boonsboro will clean the streets and will ticket cars parked on the street.  On those days, and any time you would rather use off-street parking, we offer parking behind the building by going up the alley to the left of the building.

a brick building with a microwave oven

Drive Up Alley

a red shed next to a road

Park Here

a sign on a building

The handicap entrance is accessed by walking up the wooden walkway to the right of the building.

a door with a light on it

Enter the door at the end of the walkway, turn left from lobby in the back, and follow the ramp to the front door.