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We are driven to help as many people as we can to reclaim the best version of themselves and their health, so you have come to the right place!

The above conditions are areas in which we specialize in our holistic medical center.

Your plan will include a comprehensive assessment, acupuncture, supplements, and targeted movement and breathing techniques. Additional therapies such as massage therapy and nutrition are available to enhance your health. 

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             When I came to HHA I felt... I had a diagnosis of vertigo and was getting migraines nearly-daily. My stress levels were through the roof and I could barely manage my personal and professional lives with the limbo of the headaches. I couldn't take any more advil as I had been abusing them before I came!

Since working with HHA I've felt... RELIEF. It is incredible to live a life without headaches. I forgot what life was like without headaches! It’s become my weekly rebalancing to come in and just take an hour to myself. Also - after pulling a muscle or two out and getting those points relieved is just incredible!

In the future I am looking forward to... continuing my love for acupuncture down a holistic healing path.

 - Olivia P.

How it Works

Step One

Book your introductory appointment.

This will include an initial review and exam.

Step four

Receive your recommendations.

Based on your goals, we will recommend a plan of care.

Services Offered


Practiced for thousands of years, acupuncture has been used to treat a wide variety of health concerns. A form of alternative medicine, acupuncture is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine and one of the oldest healing practices in the world.



Massage Therapy, once considered the ultimate indulgence, is now recognized as a valuable component of preventative healthcare; a useful means of achieving a physical, mental, and spiritual balance. 



Detoxing, rids your body of unwanted toxins. The results include: renewed energy, weight loss, and mental clarity in addition to supporting your body’s natural self-cleaning system.


premium supplements

Holistic Health uses supplements with the highest quality ingredients to help reclaim your health faster than with acupuncture or massage alone.  These supplements have been tested for safety, consistency and purity at 3 different times during the process.


Tai Chi

An ancient martial art that is based on mindfulness with the main objective being increased balance and relaxation.  Tai Chi helps you destress & improve circulation, flexibility and balance as well as promote health, happiness and longevity.

tai chi

             I had been in excruciating pain with a stiff neck for days. I reached out on FB for recommendations and was told to go to Holistic Health. Glad I did. I walked out of there an hour later with mobility, 90% of the pain gone and a true feeling of relief. Don't hesitate. This place is amazing. Can't wait to go back.

- Lia S.

             Coming to HHA is the greatest part of my week! It revitalizes me, renews me, and re-aligns my energy and heals my wounds! I have had chronic pain for 11 years and acupuncture helps my body and mind tremendously. I could not possibly sing more praises for Ryan and his team! Thank you!

- Holly D.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing is dependent on your customized treatment plan with packages offering some discounts. 

We also accept insurance! And can do a free insurance benefits quote prior to your appointment time.  This could reduce your cost of care.

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