Discover Why Premium Supplements make all the Difference

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    Supplements help you reclaim your health faster than with acupuncture or massage alone 

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    Most of us need additional nutrients than what we get from our food alone
  3. 3
    Premium supplements are like organic food vs. conventional food
  4. 4
    Premium Supplements are like renewable energy vs. oil
  5. 5
    Premium Supplements are like Tesla vs. Chevy

Highest Quality Ingredients


Strongest Testing for Safety, Consistency & Purity


Historically Proven Successful Results


Holistic Health Associates Supplements

Highest Quality Ingredients

We use only the best supplements to enhance your health through nutritional supplementation, primarily in the form of plant products. Many of our formulas come from herbs that are hand picked at the best time of year for harvest, in the native location of growth and will therefore provide maximum healing benefit.

Strongest Testing for Safety, Consistency & Purity

Most of our supplements go through a process of testing called thin line chromatography. You can read more about the process here: Thin Line Chromatography - Herbal Testing. The supplements are tested for potency, purity and consistency 3 different times in the process - at the picking stage, after processing and after they are in a formula as well.

Historically Proven

The primary supplements we use at HHA have thousands of years of use behind them and are therefore better studied than any medications in the world. We also carry many formulas which have been recently researched in large studies and have been shown to be effective in a wide range of people.

HHA Supplements

All of our supplements are prescribed in the office, please ask your practitioner if there is something specific that you would like to discuss.

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