TEN reasons to choose Holistic Health!

  1. Massage works and it feels good!

    There are 2 types of massage:
    relaxation / spa and "therapeutic". With relaxation based massage, you'll be on cloud 9 instantly. If you've ever had "therapeutic" massage, which basically means "focusing on the thing that hurts" you know that it may be work in the moment, but the results are worth it! Either way, it feels good!
  2. The reasons to try acupuncture are endless!

    Is a well known pain reliever.
    Helps with sleep!
    Reduces nausea.
    Can help you RELAX!
    Will improve energy.
    Can boost your immune system.
    Can treat allergies.
    Supports weight loss.
    Reduces side effects of chemotherapy.
    Is an infertility treatment.
  3. We're your EXPERTS.

    We  seek the best of the best! We pride ourselves on having a diverse and unique team of individuals, from acupuncturists, to massage therapists, to front desk staff, and managers! Each person is #freshandlocal, hand-picked for awesome-ness and brings invaluable experience, and knowledge to the bucket!
  4. We give back to our community.

    We are charitable , year-round, from donations to local organizations, fundraising for people in our practice, and getting behind our own Staff in the charities they support, through our matching charity program.
  5. We care about the environment!

    We are committed to doing our part to lessen our carbon footprint, every day, like our solar panels and largely eco-friendly office supplies!

  6.  We know your name!


  7. We take health seriously!


  8. We push, innovate, and push some more.

  9. We tackle the hard stuff FOR YOU! Insurance!

    Does your health insurance policy give you a headache sometimes? We accept insurance for acupuncture! Anyone who's ever used health insurance for health care knows it can be a real war to get services paid for. We pride ourselves on offering this benefit to our patients, as one of the only holistic or alternative centers in the area to process insurance. Many providers, even non alternative providers, have stopped accepting insurance altogether due to the nature of how difficult it can be. We believe this is one way we can add a benefit to our community and an opportunity for more people to receive services so we do the hard part for you!
  10. We walk the talk.

    Around here, we live the life we "preach". Each individual in their own way, lives a holistic lifestyle and we support each other in it!